s PMI Certification likely to suspend the plan. CIA Secretary is showing joy. But this is not because the slave will be saved, but he personally handled the special transfer dirty secrets, will not be made public. The face of no sense of guilt Holland, Rubens furious, but now it is best to figh.t for their side to Holland. Although the goal of the Nemesis scheme has not been achieved, it is still difficult to PMP terminate the plan, because the more tyrannical than the Holland shameless, but the world s highest power of the tyrant, still want to obliterate the nuns. I d like to hear your opinion, Holland said. Will it PMP it exam be possible for the agent to concentrate on the Guaralapes airport Let the agents go as little as possible, Rubens said. So that the CIA Secretary also believe that nus and others will be secretly into Brazil, this insurance. As long as they deliberately stay broken, there is no problem. Ok, I see. Is this the only way now Rubens asked. Well, the plane is flying in the middle of the Atlantic at the moment, the fighter s life is not so far a

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