The list of our solutions

We join access to innovation from best-in-class makers with aptitude in arrangement configuration, offering smart arrangements that ensure resources and enhance business execution. We work intimately with framework integrators, experts and sellers to convey predominant esteem for end-clients.



GVT leads with top CCTV / IP CCTV manufacturing partners from across the globe. The pre sales team brings the best tested technology from all the world class brands.SD, MP, Panoramic, Fish Eye, PTZ, Thermal, and solar all sort of technologies are in the product line. Axis, Avigilon, Geovision and Guardian are the market renowned names from years.


GVT offers four essential solutions for best security of vehicles and their management.

UVSS (UNDER VEHICLE SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM)This system completely scans vehicles from surface, to avoid any sort of explosive attachments. The new systems are equipped with Mega Pixel Camera for detailed forensics. ROAD BLOCKERS Hydraulic road blockers are meant to forcefully stop any sort of threats by un-stoppable vehicles. Ideal for the security conditions like Pakistan.

Electric Fence


An electric fence is a barrier that uses electric shocks to deter animals or people from crossing a boundary. the voltage of the shock may have different ranging effects. Flat razor wire is made with high tensile flat razor blades, clapped into a flat panel formation. It can be used in the following forms: • Installed against the existing smooth wire mesh fence. • Fitted to the welded mesh fence. • Fitted by overlapping the fence mesh. • Installed to the brick wall directly.



Access Control has become the need of every small business, SME and corporate office environment nowadays. The right entry / exit policy can limit employees to step into the restricted areas like top management floors and CEO offices. Time attendance, Project recording, Manpower planning are the new tools for best resource management in developed countries.

IT Networks

Establishing IT infrastructure is the back bone of GVT’s technology pack solutions.

• LAN(Local Area Network). • Optical Fiber Connectivity (LAN/WAN) to meet the networking needs of your business. • Also IT Networks Design, Lying, Installations, Connectivity, Testing, Commissioning.

Home security system

Home securiy systems

GVT offers the best price with services for home security solution. GVT stands with maximum installations in the biggest community based living in Pakistan.

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